We believe in real-world asset tokenization

Its inventor announces its birth: Francesco D'Alessandro, Former founder and CEO of the innovative startup FlyFreeAirways which, with its innovative technological platform and new business model, reached the great goal of becoming a reference point in the sector of private air mobility and intelligent mobility, with a B2B perspective for the transport of goods and people.

- NFT FlyLUX, Art from the world of Aviation linked to the Fly Free Airways project, Tour Operator and nascent Airline specialized in Business Travel Management with an innovative business model and technological platform with proprietary algorithm, Experiential Tourism and CARGO world.

Buy our NFTs and immediately earn 3 times as much at least because our NFTs entitle you to:

✅ equivalent in travel (our Infovacanze Group Vouchers)
✅ 15% discount on all private flights
✅ Business Platinum Card with many conventions and Fidelity plan
✅ equivalent in FlightCoin (the first token in Europe connected to the world of Business Jets of Business Travel Management) https://www.flightcoincrypto.com/

  • You can buy them immediately from here directly and then call us for any info, Thanks!
You earn it for the increase in value and for all the related benefits. The first is the only NFT that immediately returns the investment multiplied by 3

www.FlyFreeAirways.it tel. +39 351 595 7244 email: info@flyfreeairways.it

- FlightCoin, the new cryptocurrency, is a Stablecoin ad an Utility Coin where the price is designed to be anchored to the real economy. In particular to the economy of business travel, experiential tourism, freight carriers and private air carriers. The financial statements of the strictly selected participating companies (only financial statements that comply with a high level of rating, real investments and underlying reserves as collateral) and the value of their goods and services offered will be certified and included in the Blockchain technology. Investors can use the services to divide their investments between the various markets: classic Tour Operator, Business Travel Management, Experiential Tourism, Cargo Carriers, Private Jets and, soon, Insurance, Crowdfunding and ICO.

"We believe in real-world asset tokenization. This new cryptocurrency is ready to be among the first digital currencies in the most important world exchanges, which will only be able to support it for its added value in the financial field and in sustainable and intelligent mobility", says Francesco D'Alessandro. It will be the release of tokens that will give value to the projects in proportion to the value generated by Fly Free Airways and by the same associates & commercial partners. For each deposit or investment or reserve a guarantee or certified conferment of goods and services, a digital certificate is issued that enables the smart-contract and issues the tokens.

FlyFreeAirways, through the platform Wave, will undermine 100 million unique and non-reissuable tokens. A quantity of tokens in practice numerically equal to 10 times the capital increase in progress which will end on 31 December 2021 and which therefore represents an important underlying, especially since as a stablecoin, the same will have no volatility and will always guarantee payments. global snapshots. New tokens will never be issued and they will finance both new investment projects for the development and innovation of the business model and research and development projects in smart mobility, smart cities and environmental sustainability in the transport sector in general. FlightCoin tokens can be purchased both with current currency and used for payments, making investments and even exchanges as well as for the purchases of the services (up to 30% of every purchase) of the members and of FlyFreeAirways itself.

Cost of 1 token FlightCoin: 1 €

Term of token sale: 90 days with the possibility of an automatic early completion in pursuing the final goals of ICO

Expanded goals after start of ICO: Impossible

Technical limitation of tokens: 100.000.000

Adjustable emission: All unsold and unallocated tokens will remain in the property of Fly Free Airways and additional release оf tokens will not be possible

Secured ways to purchase tokens: Bank Transfer, Bitcoin (ВТC), Ethereum (ETH), fiat payments

Hardcap: € 100.000.000

           FlightCoin Token Structure:
  • 65% Distributed to the Community 
  • 10% Founders & Team
  • 10% Reserved Funding
  • 10% Advisors
  • 5% Adv Campaign

Fly Free Airways Srl is a company incorporated under Italian law based in Italy, P.zza G. da Fabriano, 15 00196 Rome VAT IT15489481000 www.flyfreeairways.it - it has no registered offices abroad and all operations are carried out according to Italian civil and tax law. Fly Free Airways Srl è una società di diritto italiano con sede in Italia, P.zza G. da Fabriano, 15 00196 Roma P.iva IT15489481000 www.flyfreeairways.it - non ha sedi legali all'estero e tutte le operazioni sono svolte secondo la legge civile e fiscale italiana.

www.FlyFreeAirways.it tel. +39 351 595 7244 email: info@flyfreeairways.it

Here you can download the WHITE PAPER